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We are 100+ Teens Who Care

Sometimes as a teen it’s hard to feel like you can make a big difference in your community. In 100+ Teens Who Care, we work together to combine 100% of individual donations and put the money towards a local charity close to all of our hearts.

With 100+ Teens Who Care, Tucson teens are making a difference.

Interested in becoming part of 100+ Teens Who Care? You’ll be a perfect addition if you…

  • Like making a difference in your community
  • Have limited time, but still want to be involved in something bigger
  • Enjoy meeting new teens from all over Tucson
  • Are willing to commit to a one-hour meeting every three months
  • Appreciate that 100% of your $25 donation goes toward a worthy local charity

Can’t wait to become a member? Check out our Join page!

“When I first got the call to join 100 + Teens, I was so excited. The idea that my $25 could go so far and help so many people was amazing. I also love that we donate to so many different organizations, because it really reaches far and wide. The sense of community and commitment to making the world better is extremely high here. I feel like I am making a difference.” -Audrey J

Our Upcoming Giving Circle Event is on Sunday, April 14th at The Westin La Paloma Resort from 4 to 6 PM in the Catalina Basin.

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